learn from a pro how to build a table with your own two hands with zero prior tool or building experience. 

Woodworking course

Minimalist Farmhouse Table

But does that vast amount of investigative work seem worth it to you?

Or do you need a resource that will guide you through the build process from start to finish, almost as if you had commissioned someone to build this table for you.

Our Table Course is the Online Self-Guided Tutorial that helps YOU to learn valuable trade skills while building a table correctly from the start. 

Let’s face it, there are A MILLION different table build resources that are available just by a simple Google search. 

Say Hello to Your New Favorite Furniture Piece

Now you might be thinking... that's great... what's the catch. Well- there isn't one. That's right everything you need to know will be taught. Even if this is your first time picking up a tool.

You can be confident and build your dream table from scratch

  • Does the idea of picking up a tool stress you out?
  • Do you find that starting your project is so overwhelming leaving you to not even start it? 
  • Do you need a clear direction for what to do broken down into easy digestable steps?
  • Do you wish that you had someone to show you how to pick out materials and the things to look for when choosing them?
  • Do you wish that you could be bold like the people on Instagram or HGTV and just build the dang project with zero hesitation? 
  • Do you find you yourself thinking I could build that for cheaper? 
  • Do you wish you just knew how to begin?
  • Do you wish someone would share their mistakes and troubleshooting so you could save time and materials?

How Often...

I can't tell you just how uncomfortable, terrifying and completely thrilled creating this course has made me!

I always knew i was passionate about building, and I LOVE sharing everything with you all in stories, but teaching you STEP FOR STEP and walking alongside you as you build is something I am OVER THE MOON excited about!

 In this course I will be teaching you how to build a beautiful modern farmhouse chunky legged table from start to finish. I will show you exactly what tools you need and HOW to use them. And breaking down step for step the entire build. It will even come with a complete material list, cut list, written build plans for the exact table I show you how to build. And if you're wanting a different size table than the one I built, there's modifications available for that as well!

I am SOOOO excited, scared, and nervous but if I've learned anything so far in 2023, its that I can absolutely, positively trust God’s plans over my life, and I truly believe He placed this course on my heart at the most perfect time. 

Why create this course as a DIY/Woodworking influencer? 

I know what you're thinking...

Over 4 modules we will guide you through the build process using videos, build plans and a facebook group you can be confident taking on this project regardless of your experience.

We will walk you through how to build this table in the correct order. Making sure that no steps are missed or skipped that could result in you spending hundreds of dollars over your budget or wasting countless hours with trial and error. 

Woodworking course

Minimalist Farmhouse Table

Are You Ready to Grow Your Confidence & to Effortlessly Navigate the Following Topics: 

One to the most common problems that stand in the way of you and building anything is knowledge of the tools needed. Tools seem intimidating and overwhelming to use.

Throughout this course you will learn the how to use and master the following tools: 
  • Power Drill
  • Kreg Jig
  • Clamps
  • Miter Saw
  • Sanders
  • Brad Nailer

Resources Include:
  • Video Demonstration for All Tools
  • Links to our favorite tools and recommendations for borrowing/renting. 
  • Facebook Group where you can get help from other learners and the Timber & Twine team. 

Module 1: Using The Tools

Home Improvement stores can be suuuper overwhelming and if you don't know what you need or what to look for it can leave you disappointed. 

The choosing materials module teaches you: 
  • How to choose the right type of wood for your project.
  • How to choose the correct screws for your board sizes and wood type.
  • How to pivot when the wood you need is all out.
  • How to identify warped/faulty wood that would cause issues later on.

Resources Include:
  • Video Walkthrough with Alyssa where she shows you how to choose materials and what to avoid.
  • Material Shopping and Cut List for 4ft, 6ft and 8ft table

Module 2: Choosing Materials

Okay, so now you know how to use your tools and choose materials from a store. You return home with everything, now what? 

In this module, you'll learn how to begin cutting your wood down so that you're ready to build the table and bench: 
  • Using the miter saw to cut your table and bench pieces
  • Identifying boards with faulty ends that will affect the structural integrity and how to work around that.
  • How to use a guide board to quickly cut down pieces of wood. 
  • Identifying what side of the board to place your saw blade. 

Resources Include:
  • Video Walkthrough with Alyssa where she shows you how to cut your boards, identify issues and more.
  • Cut List for 4ft, 6ft and 8ft table

Module 3: Cutting Down Your Boards

Now that everything is cut it is time to create the table! This task can easily be accomplished in a couple of days. We've created this section to use the least amount of tools and materials as possible. It just might even be easier than an Ikea assembly. 

In this module you'll learn how to assemble the table top and legs using pocket holes and glue:
  • How to attach multiple boards together into a seamless table top.
  • Attaching legs to the table
  • Solidifying the table with braces and an apron. 
  • Adding trim to your table to add that perfect touch.  

Resources Include:
  • Video Walkthrough with Alyssa where she shows you how to add pocket holes to your board, manipulate uneven boards into one flush surface and more.
  • Step x Step written instructions and a table diagram for building. 
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook group for help on your specific table build from the Timber & Twine Team. 

Module 3, Pt 2: Making The Table

You now have the perfect table base. It's time to take your table from DIY/First time builder to a professional build by sanding and sealing the table. 

In this module you will learn professional techniques for finishing your table to make it look store bought. You'll gain skills in:
  • Wood filling imperfections, knots and cracks. 
  • How to use different grit sandpapers and in which order to finish your table. 
  • Using a sander to add detail to your trim. 
  • How to properly seal your table for indoor and outdoor use.

Resources Include:
  • Video Walkthrough with Alyssa where she shows you how to fill knots, sand down uneven lips, and more.
  • Step x Step Written instructions for wood filling, sanding and sealing. 
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook group for help on your specific table build from the Timber & Twine Team. 

Module 4: Finishing The Table

We get it. Maybe this exact table isn't quite what you are looking for. In this course you will also find information on: 
  • How to use different leg styles.
  • Build Plans for 4f, 6ft and 8ft table sizes.
  • Option to Upgrade and get custom build plans from Alyssa.
  • 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft matching Bench Plans

Alterations And More

This course is self-paced aka you complete it whenever you want! Whether that's starting tomorrow, in 3 months or next year! We get you may not need to build a table yet, but we're giving the know how and how to, TODAY! So you can start planning!

Did we Mention That...

Watch the Trailor

  • 3 different table size options with Step x Step instructions and Cut Lists.
  • Video walkthrough's to show you how to build the table from beginning to end. 
  • Links to Tools, Supplies and more. 
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group with help from the Timber & Twine Team.

One Time Payment of $149

Yep! Email timberntwinediy@gmail.com and we are more than happy to help you set that up!

Can I Gift This Course?

That Is 100% Okay! The Facebook Group Is Just A BONUS Perk. You Can Email Us For Any Support You Need. We Also Have A Help Module Within The Course For You To Ask Your Questions. 

What If I Don't Have Facebook?

Keep in mind that most tables that look similar to this on ikea run at minimum $800 and the quality is simply not as great as your table will be from this build.

What Will The Materials Cost Me?

36" clamps (4), 48-72" clamps(2), Wood glue, speed square, Tape measure, pencil.

What Tools Do I Need?

The Speed Of Your Table Build Will Vary Depending On Your Experience, Access To Materials And More. However We Approximate It To Be Between 3-7 Days. 

How Long Does The Table Take To Finish?

The great thing about this course is it isn't limited time access for a certain time period. Once you purchase and pay in full, being ON DEMAND you have access indefinitely to these materials. 

What If I Can't Build The Table Right Away?

All Sales Are Final, Due To The Immediate Access To Learning Materials And Digital Downloads Upon Purchase– Therefore We Cannot Offer Any Money Back. 

What Is The Return Policy?

Problems and Mistakes happen! That's why you have access to the facebook group and problem troubleshooting discussion page. You're not alone in this table build process and we are more than happy to help support you. 

What If I Have A Problem And Don't Know How To Fix It?

Included in the course price are build plans for 4ft, 6ft or 8ft tables. You can always upgrade your package and get custom build plans from Alyssa and the Timber & Twine team. 

What If I Want A Different Table Size?

Nope! These Are One Time Purchases With No Options For Payment Plan. 

Are There Payment Plans?

Indefinitely! While we don't forsee this course going away anytime soon. if we do remove it we will contact you with information on how to save your learning materials. 

How Long Do I Have Access For?

This course includes instructional videos on each tool, step by step build plans for three different tables (4ft, 6ft and 8ft), cut list for matching benches, access to an exclusive facebook group with help from Alyssa and the timber & twine team and so much more. 

What's Included?

In most YouTube videos, creators share highlights and basic tutorials of projects. in this course we dive deep into each tool, concept and step so that you not only create the table, you gain confidence in the process and develop a mastery. 

How Is This Different Than Youtube?

Truth is... You don't until you try. Especially if this is your first project, this will be a challenge. but a good one. you will learn valuable skills and gain confidence. at the end you can confidently say "I built that". We know you can do it and cannot wait to see you create a table!

How do I know if I can do this?


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