Giving you the tools to confidently transform your house into a home one project at a time. 

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Have you ever seen a piece of furniture and immediately fallen in love with it only to flip over the tag YIKES! and find out it's way over your budget. 

Well worry no more, your dream wood related items can be yours through our easy to digest courses. By the end of each course you'll be confident in: 

  • Using beginner and intermediate tools such as power drills, kreg jigs, miter saw, circular saw, brad nailer and more!
  • Choosing materials from your project and identifying faulty or warped wood. 
  • Cutting materials, sanding, troubleshooting common problems that arise during assembly and finishing your project so it looks like a store brand piece.

Preparing You To Recreate Your Dream Items

Our Woodworking Course

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  • Video explanation from Alyssa teaching you how to choose materials, use tools, prep materials, assemble table, troubleshoot common problems, and more!
  • Detailed Step x Step Build plans
  • 3 different size build plans and cut lists: 4ft, 6ft, 8ft. Optional Upgrades available for custom plans. 
  • Links for Materials, Tools & More from either Menards, Lowes or Home Depot
  • Access to Farmhouse Table Group for support in your building process.

Resources Include:

Minimalist Farmhouse TABLE COURSE | $149

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We are Passionate about Kickstarting DIY Dreamers to create spaces and build pieces they are proud of!

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