Your Best Potty Training Tips

This past week I asked other parents on Instagram for their potty training tips. My instagram DM’s BLEW UP after my cry for help and parents, occupational therapists, and early childhood caretakers provided paragraphs of amazing tips! So if you are a parent in my same situation. Here are the common and most recommended ways to potty train your child.

#1 Wait

Definitely easier said than done but most parents said you need to wait until the child is ready. Forcing something will only cause anxiety and stress for both the child and parents. Lots of parents said that It’s not worth the struggle of trying to put the child on your schedule. When they are ready they will tell you.

#2 No Diapers

Throw the diapers away was the next idea that was presented. Just get rid of the diapers and not make them an option. The reason for this method is that kids will wait for the diaper to be back on. One parents even mentioned their kid waiting one whole week until the diaper was put back on to use the bathroom. Ultimately the thing that helps the kids to learn and grow is not wanting to be in a mess. Once they figure out that peeing or pooping in the toilet is the only option. They will take it.

#3 Read the “Oh Crap Potty Book”

Similar to the above tip there is a book that a LOT of parents recommended. Essentially the main concept is that over the course of 3 days you will train your child to be fully potty trained. You establish 3 days to be at home and remove the diapers. In this concept the child will become grossed out by peeing and pooping on themselves that they begin to ask to use the potty and realize the potty is the easier option.

#4 Boys Take Longer

Boy oh boy. In the DM’s I learned from most parents, grandparents and caretakers that boys can take 2-3x as long to potty train. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it, developmentally they will need more time. Suggestions recommended being open about talking about using the bathroom, making it a positive experience and giving month to two month breaks between potty training attempts.

My Favorite Potty Training Tools



Ultimately other common themes were don’t make going to the bathroom a negative or anxious experience. Try to keep it as calm, fun and normal as possible through rewards, potty books, treats, songs, etc.

I hope this helps any fellow potty training parents out there! We’ve got this!


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