5 Things to Upgrade at Home for under $50

1. Organizational Supplies

One thing that can truly transform a home is getting rid of visual clutter. Here are some ideas for items to purchase that will help you organize your home in no time (and stay on budget)!

Storage Bins: Perfect for hiding toys, shoes, and other random knick knacks Throughout your home.

Game Bags vs Boxes: Save space and get rid of the ugly game cabinet by putting all your game pieces into these mesh bags. Easy to grab and go!

2. Hardware

Depending on the size of the space you want to upgrade adding new hardware can truly transform any space. Amazon has multiple trendy options ready to go for you!

3. Finish on an item

Simply giving some love to a furniture piece can go a LONG way. Here’s an example of an old dresser that I used white bleach on to modernize it and make it my own. You can EASILY do this with any furniture piece!


4. Bedding

Nothing says a fresh space like new bedding. Studies show that making your bed will make you more motivated. Plus if your pillows are worn down and you’re in the market for new pillows, THESE ARE THE BEST!

5. Soap/Cleaner Bottles

By upgrading your soap and cleaner bottles you can visually provide a cohesive theme to your home. Plus it will allow you to be more sustainable if you purchase sustainable soap options.

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