Easy 15 Min Window Curtains

Okay so I’ve been trying to think for the longest time how to get some privacy in my kitchen window above my sink. I really didn’t feel like spending $30+ dollars on store bought supplies and had a feeling this could be done quickly with supplies I already had.

Guys, this took like maybe 15 minutes max to do.


Time: 15 Minutes

Step 1: Purchase all of your supplies. Make sure that you have an an extra 6 inches of fabric per curtain side so that it can be fully closed without any gaps.

Step 2: Fold the fabric down 6 inches from the top to create a overhang layer almost as if it were sewn.

Step 3: Clip the metal curtain clips equally distanced along the fabric.

Step 4: Hang the metal curtain clips on the rod.

Step 5: Hang the rod on the window.

Be sure to tag me in your stories so I can see your curtain choices!



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