First Steps to Cut Flower Garden

Gardening is 100% a trial and error kind of hobby! I’m only on my 3rd year but oh man have I already learned a lot, and you will too! The BEST way to get started, is just by starting! I will share everything I am learning here on the blog as the time arrises. This first blog is going to be about ordering our supplies and getting organized so we know when our planting deadlines are!

Where should we start?!

We need to order our supplies! I try together as many of my supplies ordered from the same place so it’s less of a headache and easier to keep track of what I have coming. I use for almost all of my seeds and trays. Once you place an order the following year you will receive a catalog like I showed in my Instagram stories.

Now I live in Michigan so our last frost is usually middle to end of May. This is supper important to know because you’re going to take that date and count back your weeks for sowing (listed on your seed packets) Example: Cosmos need to be sown inside 5-7 weeks before they can be hardened off and planted outside without danger of frost. So Im going to take my May date, and count back 7 weeks, that’s going to give me the first week of April. So my cosmo seeds need to be planted inside around the first week of April. Some flowers, like cosmos can also be direct sown after frost. So I could always direct sow these into the ground end of May. I just won’t get flowers as soon as I would if I start them inside under grow lights.

Things you’ll need: (clickable links below)

Here is what I ordered for my 2024 cut flower garden! Once my seeds and supplies arrive, I will update you with what we do next and how I sow my seeds! Keep in mind I over buy seeds. So I will have WAY more seeds than I need. I also have 8 garden beds that are 4ft X 12ft long and I typically plant 4 or 5 of those beds with flowers and the rest house my fruit and veggies. So keep those specs in mind when you’re ordering!

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