Top 10 Items for First Time Beginner DIYers.

There is literally nothing worse than starting a project, finally feeling motivated, ready to take on your space… only to discover you don’t have all the supplies you need. UGH. I mean it sucks but I promise you that the following 10 items that if you purchase and invest in will LITERALLY serve you so well as you take on your fixer upper.

These 10 Items you will need to begin a home renovation project of any type:


  • This is helpful for driving nails into materials like wood, drywall and masonry. Removing Nails from surfaces or other materials like trim or baseboards. Hammers are also helpful when needing to secure drywall anchors for screws when a stud isn’t present. When you need to break down small surfaces a hammer can be used.
    • Useful for the following projects: Hanging Pictures, Installing Shelves, Building Furniture, Building Wall Frames, Pulling Out Nails. Tapping materials together for furniture ensure a secure fit. Or even removing small walls, tile, old furniture and fixtures.


  • The crowbar has a hook end and a chisel end that can allow you to pry materials, demolition, framing, leveraging, nail removal, flooring removal, opening containers, landscaping, removing shingles and even can be helpful during emergencies.
    • Useful for the following projects: Removing staples or nails, opening crates or praying apart wooden boards. Removing trim, baseboards or old flooring and so much more.


  • Gloves are a MUST for anything using your hands as it will provide multiple benefits regarding safety and comfort. This will prevent cuts, scrapes, blisters, exposure to chemicals or heat and so much more.
    • Useful for the following projects: When handling tools, materials and sharp objects. Working with chemicals, solvents, paints or adhesives. In addition to this, gloves can provide control when working with slicker surfaces by providing grip on tools or materials.


  • Goggles are critical for helping project your eyes from dust, debris, chemicals, potential flying objects, spray painting, woodworking or other outdoor projects.
    • Useful for the following projects: Projects that involve cutting, grinding, sanding or drilling materials that could cause particles or debris to become airborne.

Face Mask

  • A facemask is useful for protecting yourself from any airborne particle whether is “seems” harmful or not.
    • Useful for the following projects: Woodworking, Cutting Drywall, Painting or using any chemicals/cleaning agents, protection from mold, lead or asbestos.

Garbage Bags

  • Garbage Bags are a must have for any demoing or junk removal.
    • Useful for the following projects: Renovating, Lawncare, makeshift drop cloth, storage/organization, protecting furniture and appliances.

Shop Vac

  • This heavy duty vacuum is helpful for cleaning up pretty much any debris or liquid.
    • Useful for the following projects: Removing dust and debris from floors, workbenches, tools and more. Very helpful when woodworking or demoing a room. These can be even used in case of a minor floor to quickly remove water, preventing mold and water damage.


  • Rags allow you to clean, polish, spot clean or provide grip when working on projects. These don’t need to be new in fact old clothes can be used for a budget friendly option.
    • Useful for the following projects: Wiping dust or grime from various surfaces including walls, cleaning paint spills or drips, polishing surfaces, applying cleaners, absorbing spills, protecting surfaces, drying hands or tools and so much more.

Power Drill

  • Like a Hammer this is a staple must have for any DIY toolkit. A power drill can be used for drilling holes, screw driving quickly and effortlessly, fastner removal, mixing compounds, creating holes and so much more.
    • Useful for the following projects: Installing shelves, curtain rods, furniture assembly, hanging cabinets removing screws, mixing paint or drywall compound, creating larger holes in materials for plumbing and electrical work, and so much more.

Water Bucket

  • I feel that this one is pretty self explanatory. A water bucket can be used for numerous projects including cleaning walls, debris and dust, to mix cleaning agent or some sort of compound. You will need some larger bucket for your DIY and renovation process which can be easily purchased at Dollar Tree or Target for an affordable price.

I hope this helps you to start your DIY and renovating journey. As always be sure to comment below any questions or tips and I’d LOVE to help!

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